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MADE TO ORDER 🌿 Means we can eliminate overproduction for the planet.

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Ace World

Ace of Aces™ is a luxury fashion firm, it makes small, limited production runs, redefining finishes and minimalist elements for a finish with a high amount of detail in each and every garment, offering a carefully selected collection. The development of new personalisation techniques by combining gold and carbon fiber makes it possible to turn your Ace of Aces™ into a real and exclusive gem.


A combination of silhouettes of the heart—a symbol of happiness, fulfilment and love—and the fleur-de-lys—a symbol of luxury, power, sovereignty, honour and loyalty—makes up the Ace of Aces™ logo.

The Collection

Reinterpreting the classics with its usual finishes is centred on improving key aspects and details to create a high-quality garment that is extremely durable, comfortable and of exceptional quality, turning it into a genuine luxury item.

Limited Editions

From embroidering the logo in different colours to using an innovative combination of embroidered with carbon fiber in differently coloured and differently hued threads to design that perfect, one-of-a-kind polo shirt.


Made to Order

Most of our items are only MADE TO ORDER, this means we can eliminate overproduction for the planet. Unless you order it, we don't make it. More ethical, more exclusive, more Ace.